Babble is a new intimate, interactive theatrical experience for Early Years audiences, aged 3-5 years in a collaboration between sound artists and theatre makers. Babble values and celebrates children’s voice in whatever language they speak.


Babble is a playful, surreal gentle and intriguing show with collaboration at it's heart.


Ballet Cat is an engaging dynamic and exciting dance theatre show for children aged 3 +. Based on the picture book by Fiona Ross published by Walker Books.


HAH! is a funny and engaging comic show exploring language and communication, reflecting experiences of children with a multi national cast.


"Funny - I want it again!" "Did my voice go in the box?" "That's me! I did this!" (audience members, pilot tour - Babble 2019)

We are currently booking a Babble tour in 2020. If your school or community centre is interested, please email Stevie: