2 characters wearing hats hugging

An old farmer, living alone in the middle of nowhere, rescues a baby clown who has fallen off a circus train. He is initially reluctant, but, as they spend time together at his farm, they find friendship through play and laughter. Through the story, they find something new in themselves by being with each other.

                                                   What might the Farmer be saying? Can you add a speech bubble to help tell the story?


Home. You know where it is when you’re there.

Here is a little craft activity. What does home mean to you? Do you have a special place? Draw or write about it on the inside of this little house. Then make and decorate your own little house!

For your downloadable house template:



The Show

The Farmer and The Clown is performed by 2 actors, accompanied a musician with a newly composed score by JOW. The show is for audiences of all ages, particularly aiming to bring communities together. Performed without words, and working with a visual language & BSL consultant, the show will be accessible to non-English speaking audiences, as well as Deaf/HOH. The show will be an hour long, with the offer of post-performance creative activities for all age groups to engage with together.