Babble – a new show celebrating the voice!

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Babbleis a new intimate, interactive theatrical experience for Early Years audiences, aged 3-5 years. Babble puts the voice of the child centre stage. Babble values and celebrates children’s voice in whatever language they speak, and encourages audiences to feel creative ownership of the show.

The Story:

Two “sound caretakers” guide the audience through a feast of interactive audio delights, contained in boxes of all shapes and sizes – huge sounds and tiny ones, fierce sounds and sounds to lull you to sleep on a slow afternoon. But sounds don’t belong in boxes; storms rage in their cages, naughty chuckles slip through the cracks and cause chaos- the caretakers need help!

The audience are invited to shape the action, soothing the troubled storm with a lullaby or luring the chuckle back to its home with their own giggles.

Fascinated by children’s voices and their power, the caretakers catch the audience’s sounds for their archive, recording, playing and live-editing them to create a climactic final soundscape for the caretakers and audience to explore together.

Each audience member will also receive either a cd copy or link to download the unique composition from their performance, in recognition for their help.

“That’s me. I did this” (children at Babble scratch performance, Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton)

It allows: “… children to make the connection between sound and other senses (movement, colour, line etc.) (it) was great – ” “Unlike anything I have seen before.” “All the children were involved”  (Nursery staff, Babble scratch performance, Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton)

We had our first R&D in 2018 at the Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton with a residency at a nursery school, supported by the Hopper Consortium, (Surrey Arts, Take Art and China Plate) and The Arts Council, England

Production requirements:

Babble is a versatile and intimate performance, which can be adapted for different layouts. It requires: 

  • a dedicated space for the duration of the activity (i.e. a hall or large clear room). 
  • a capacity of 10 – 15 children at a time. This capacity ensures that every child is treated as an individual by the performers and they are given the time and space to contribute to the piece.

We are currently taking bookings for a tour of Babble in 2019. If your school, nursery or community centre is interested in discussing the project further, please email Stevie at