Babble Tours!

Stevie ThompsonNews

We have just returned home to Bristol from our first leg of our tour, supported by Making and Believing scheme (Derby Arts, Take Arts and Surrey Arts). Spending time in nurseries, watching the faces of the children when they hear their voices played back to them, has been wonderful!      

We have continued to develop the show, reflecting on how the children engage with the different elements. We have learnt so much! The actors are working so sensitively, adapting and responding to each group. It is very live!

A secret access code to the specially created music, featuring the children’s voices, live edited by Nick Janaway and supporting The Play Pack with suggested follow-up games with wonderful images by Hannah Broadway, has been well recieved.

We look forward to the next leg of the tour, with new groups to share and play our sound discoveries very soon!

For further information about the tour or future booking please contacxt Stevie at: