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Hah-poster-colour-webHAH! Adventures In Language and Sound

This first project for Flibbertigibbet is currently in development and will be a marker for the high quality and exciting work for which the company will become known. The wonderful Half Moon Theatre (https://www.halfmoon.org.uk), are supporting the work through links to local schools and rehearsal space and we have just recieved funding from The Arts Council of England.

Through an initial period of practical artistic research, we will run consultative drama and music based sessions with children from local schools. We will then take our discoveries and recordings to explore in the rehearsal room with an outstanding creative team, from all areas of theatrical discipline. The children will  then be invited to a sharing of the development piece and encouraged to feedback.

With the working title HAH!, this is a show for children and is ambitious in terms of its scale and reach. The show will be aimed at ages 4 + and particularly accessible for children who have English as an additional language.

HAH! will be a celebration of sound – a rich vocal tapestry, supported by a quirky and original score.

open mouth

The piece will be playful and joyous – particularly inspired by the research of Professor Sophie Scott who explores language development and the importance of laughter in brain activity and as a social tool. The commonality of laughter can be a unifying experience, something which HAH! can emulate.

The characters meet, explore and celebrate sound and languages. Sometimes they misunderstand each other, sometimes they discover commonality (cockadoodledoo, kook-roo-ka-roo, kuckeliku….). They are loud, explosive, sometimes quiet and secretive. They play with microphones, they manipulate pitch and tone. It is fun and funny! Gio has lost his voice, He feels lost and isolated. The performers help him by collecting sounds, words and tunes from the audience. This collection of sounds will be recorded and mixed into a new piece of music that finishes the show and the audience will be invited to join the performers in a celebratory dance…

But this is not the end……

Each show will have a unique code. When the children return home/ to school/ to nursery, using this code, they will be able to download the music from the website for “their” show. It’s potential is thrilling, both as a show and in terms of it’s legacy.


If you are interested in knowing more about the project, booking the show, or have thoughts about funding possibilities or future partnerships, please contact Flibbertigibbet